About the artist

Lynn Fournier graduated from Dawson College in commercial illustration and later obtained her Bachelor’s degree in art education from Laval University in Quebec City.  A solid personal research combined with courses in drawing, painting, sculpture and printing compliments her education.  Traveling to the Orient and living in Central America enriched her perception.

“Drawing, painting and sculpting has been a constant in my life.  Finding beauty in this world and sharing through art motivates me.  Creating is a way of liberating my mind and communicating.”

Over the years Fournier has explored a variety of themes. The subjects for her contemporary paintings range from people, nudes, landscapes, animals to the North Atlantic coast in extreme weather.

“In landscapes, I am driven to capture textures and atmospheres.  When painting people the inner strength and layered relationships is what I seek.  I am searching for a visual representation that can communicate how life touches me.  Can my practice help me express and share the empathy I feel?”

Since 1993, Mrs. Fournier has participated in many shows and symposiums.  She now lives  in Métis-sur-Mer, a small coastal community.  As an artist-teacher Fournier combines her two lifelong passions, creating art and inspiring others to experience the joy of creating.